Palgrave Macmillan

  • Anglais Social Cash Transfer in Turkey


  • Anglais Unsettling Responsibility in Science Education

    Marc Higgins

  • Anglais Searching Minds by Scanning Brains

    Marc Jonathan Blitz

  • Anglais Developments in Strategic and Public Management


  • Anglais A Pedagogy of Humanist Moral Education

    Marc Silverman

  • Anglais Regimes of Twentieth-Century Germany

    Marc T. Voss

  • Anglais Algorithmic Differentiation in Finance Explained

    Marc Henrard

  • Anglais Everyday Resistance


  • Anglais Creative Selves / Creative Cultures


  • Anglais Trump and Political Philosophy


  • Anglais The Stock-Flow Consistent Approach

    Marc Lavoie

  • Anglais Chinese International Investments


  • Anglais The Anthropology of Sustainability


  • Anglais Stress and Suffering at Work

    Marc Loriol

  • Anglais Personhood in the Age of Biolegality


  • Anglais Confronting Capitalism in the 21st Century

    Marc Silver

  • Anglais Neoliberalism in Context


  • Anglais A Permanent Crisis

    Marc Chesney

  • Anglais Tobacco Control Policy in the Netherlands

    Marc C. Willemsen

  • Anglais Combatting Climate Change in the Pacific