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  • Anglais Sport Policy in Canada

  • Anglais Accounting for Culture

  • Anglais Voyages

    Susanna Moodie

  • Anglais Confronting Discrimination and Inequality in China

  • Anglais Rewriting Marpole

    Terence N. Clark

  • Anglais Bringing Back the Past

  • Anglais Language is the Key

  • Anglais Shakespeare and Canada

  • Anglais A nation beyond borders

    Michel Bock

  • Anglais Northrop Frye and Others

    Robert D. Denham

  • Anglais Voice and Versification in Translating Poems

    James W. Underhill

  • Anglais Accessibility and Active Offer

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  • Anglais The Politics of Translation in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

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  • Anglais Short Stories by Thomas Murtha

    Thomas Murtha

  • Anglais Waken, Lords and Ladies Gay

    Desmond Pacey

  • Anglais Identity Theft and Fraud

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  • Anglais The Hermes Complex

    Charles Le Blanc

  • Anglais Eight Men Speak

    , , ,

  • Anglais Yoko Tawada's Portrait of a Tongue

    Yoko Tawada

  • Anglais Swinging the Maelstrom

    Malcolm Lowry

  • Anglais The Collected Poems of Miriam Waddington

    Miriam Waddington

  • Anglais Homelessness & Health in Canada

    , ,

  • Anglais Death Sentences

    Suzanne Myre

  • Anglais Law, Privacy and Surveillance in Canada in the Post-Snowden Era