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    Hubert Godard

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    Dod & Cie

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Hubert Godard

Hubert Godard has for many years pursued research
into the motives of human movement. An injury which
prematurely interrupted his career as a dancer led
him to investigate the body. He is a student of the
approaches to body awareness of Moshe Feldenkrais,
Frederick Matthias Alexander, Joseph Pilates
and Ida Rolf. He is a member of the international
faculty of Rolfing/Structural Integration, maintains
a private practice, and teaches in the diverse fields
of somatic techniques. He directed the training
division for teachers of dance movement analysis at
the CND in Paris and co-founded the Department
of Dance, University of Paris 8 with Michel Bernard.
As a rehabilitation researcher and trainer, he has
collaborated on cancer research with the National
Research Institute in Italy. His research and teaching
embody an original synthesis in which practice is
always linked to a deep, ongoing reflection informed by
the evolution of knowledge, combining biomechanics
with techniques of the body, psychology and the
aesthetics of human expressivity.